Repair Process

When will my car be ready?

A quality repair job involves many steps. And though our estimators are among the industry’s finest certain types of damage become apparent only after the vehicle has been disassembled. In some cases, we may need to revise your vehicle’s completion date. We know how important your vehicle is to you. We pledge to keep you informed all along the way and we promise to return your vehicle to you as quickly as possible.

MPI Visual Damage Estimate

Owner Signs Repairs Authorization

Parts Ordered Electronically

Parts Received

Completion Date Provided

Additional Parts Ordered if necessary

Amendment Approved

Amendment Sent to MPI

Vehicle Dissassembled and Re-inspected

Vehicles Scheduled for Repairs

Customer Updated

Vehicle Set on Unibody Repair Equipment if needed

Structural and Body Repairs

New Panels Installed and Checked for Proper Fit

All Metal Work Inspected, Initial Tests Done

Vehcile Undergoes Multi-Step Refinishing Process

Chemically Cleaned and Tacked

Masked and Taped, Placed in Paint Booth

Vehicles Prepped, Primed and Blocked

Customer Updated

Corrosion Protection Re-applied to Repaired Areas

Re-assembly, Wheel Alignment, Air Conditioning, Detailing, & Final Inspection

Confirmed Delivery Date Provided

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