Spray-on Truck Liners

Forman Collision offers spray-on box liners from Reflex.

Thick, Tough & Rubbery

Reflex is thick, tough and rubbery, and that means Truckbed Protection and Cargo Protection. Reflex customers say the same thing over and over again; “With Reflex, everything in my truck stays right where I put it.”

Hard coatings, in many ways are similar to plastic drop-in liners which do not prevent cargo from sliding around, resulting in damage to both truckbed and cargo. Reflex does not scratch your tools, equipment or special cargo, like furniture or appliances. While a hard pray-on coating may look good, it does little to prevent dents caused by impact and the abrasive surface will scratch the same cargo that your are trying to protect. Thick, tough and rubbery also means road noise reduction. Reflex fills and seals all of the metal overlap joints like no other spray-on liner. Check out a sample of Reflex and compare it to other liner samples. You can see and feel the difference. Reflex is the best thing you can do for your truck!

Reflex is spray-applied up to 1/4” thick forming a rugged durable liner for demanding every-day use. It won’t crack. Peel or warp and permanently protects your truckbed from abrasion and rust. The extreme flexibility of Reflex provides a rubbery non-slip textured surface that grips your cargo and holds it in place.

Truckbed Protection and Cargo Protection

Reflex protects against abrasion and dents and resists gasoline, diesel, oil, chlorine, fertilizer, acid and salt. Even in severe freezing temperatures, Reflex retains its rubbery surface and will not scratch or damage the things you put inside. Because of the rubbery grip, your cargo won’t slip-n-slide as it would in a plastic drop-in or hard spray-on liner. Reflex means protection for your truckbed and your cargo.

Long-Lasting Brilliant Colour

There is nothing wrong with black and with Reflex you get a great quality jet-black liner or the option of almost any other colour you could want. We inject OEM automotive colour toners for unmatched UV stability and long-lasting brilliance. Our customers are amazed at the distinctive look whenever their liner is matched to the paint colour of their truck. A Reflex colour match makes for a factory-class extraordinary truck liner.

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